Stories of Music and musicians…
59 unusual interviews and musical portraits

There are many pubs in the world, more or less known and frequented; the famous Hard Rock Café, Cafe de Paris, Hemingway ... but only one that prepares the original cocktail of Music interviews that gives life to this book, a "slightly alcoholic" mixture of Music, passion, imagination and friendship that amuses and intrigues to the thousand tastes and the same human facets reveals.

Creative, lover of writing and attracted by the phantasmagoric world of Music, the author and owner of sudden barman a closed-door pub where he plays a vintage jukeboxes and invitees are exclusively characters related to the world of Music that will tell, in a convivial atmosphere, to their audience-readers, and listeners, this time not-trusting each something personal ... from favorite drink which is the lait motiv which starts all the interviews.

Back when it was just Music and nothing, Sergio Bossi decided to dive in this world, inviting artists to drink something to listen to their stories, trying to figure out how the Music, this beautiful Muse, ' kidnapped ' them and fascinated enough to escape with her; are singers and musicians, or simple enthusiasts and novice artists (if not have to hurt big), security personnel, technicians, producers of Music and musical instruments, characters that gravitate to 360° around this environment from Pop to Rock, classical, Folk, lightly, encountered almost everywhere the opportunity arises: backstage, cinema, concerts, home, making use of computer, telephone and emergency recorders bought for the occasion ... In short, a veritable tour of the notes without schematics and without limits, where the protagonist is the freedom to express your inner world from which comes the Music, Music that is in each of us, but only a few, privileged, know so rare and sublime through the voice and instruments, with much work and sacrifices since youth and before that. Stories, many and different, written with passion and dedication, trying not to overlook – as We would like to remind the author-the family and work commitments, sacrificing a few hours of sleep, but always with excitement and fun, with an eye also to younger recipients of advice by the respondents and, most importantly, the recipient of the royalties that will be donated to charity at the istituto Giannina Gaslini children's of Genoa where are born the three beloved sons of Sergio and his wife Anna: Pietro, Giovanni and Andrea.

To preserve the spontaneity and originality of the answers you have chosen to leave in English interviews to foreign artists, who would have lost otherwise their "coolness". All "tell" freely, responding to a series of fixed questions where Sergio investigates as well as the musical career of everyone, even his memories of school, hobbies (art and sport), on the family and on the vagaries of their lives ...

This unusual virtual Coffee, literary and musical together, was born a little for the game as a casual conversation where dreams and reality mingle in the manner of "we were four friends at the bar," but it might give rise to a more articulate and comprehensive initiative: an interesting blog on the net where thousands of fans as they converse amiably in a pub with their petsand not just Music ...

- Fasani Nicola alias “Faso” 13
- Andrea Bruschi 19
- Nik Kershaw 24
- Massimiliano Pisapia 29
- Christian Marras, Andrea Maddalone
Pier Foschi, Alfio Vitanza 38
- Fabio Zuffanti 59
- Boris Savoldelli 68
- Enzo Prestinenzi 76
- Carlo Trapani 83
- Daniele Zaffiri: Danijay 86
- Alberto Fortis 94
- Marco Ferradini 102
- Paolo Traversa 107
- Francesco Tartarini 113
- Andrea Celeste 117
- Lidia Schillaci e Fabrizio Lamberti 123
- Danilo Quaranta 132
- Dado Moroni 138
- David Rhodes 142
- James Prime e i Deacon Blue 147
- David Stenson 152
- Steve Hackett 157
- Chicco Gussoni 162
- Massimo Morini e i Buio Pesto 165
- Luca Colombo 170
- Francesco Baccini, Armando Corsi 175
- Barbara Luna Festelli 181
- Irene Milazzo 185
- Sandro Giacobbe 188
- Rosalia Misseri 190
- Roberto Tiranti 195
- Paolo Sburlati and his Friends: Tolo Marton, Ian Paice, Ged Lynch, Carl Palmer 204
- Andrea Daviddi e i Muddy Fly 216
- The friends of Paolo Sburlati: Bill Ludwig III, Remo Belli, Steve Morse 218
- Jessica Cochis 223
- Angelo Branduardi 226
- Eugenio Finardi 228
- Luisa Corna 235
- Simone Cristicchi 239
- Ivan Cattaneo 242
- Fiordaliso 246
- Raoul Casadei 249
- Hamish Fingland: “Kassidy” 253
- Antonio e Francesco Boccuni 255
- Marco Enrico Bossi, and the Vegezzi Bossi family258
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